Nocta is the decentralized platform for organizing high-class leisure for adults. Everybody will be able to choose comfortably and use safely any desirable services from anywhere in the world. “The entertainment industry for adults is a huge global market. its capitalization various from $ to $300.000.000.000. The potential of the platform that uniteS the entire market can not be overemphasized.”
  • What is Nocta?
    Nocta provides premium experience with its marketplace for both consumers and offerers. Everybody has his own personal cabinet. Filters allow consumers to select location, type of service, cost range, etc. User can always find what he(or she) needs, read and leave feedback, use secure payment system. All attributes of the platform aimed to make Nocta long-term oriented service.
  • Why Nocta is better than local sites/agencies?
    In a few words: trustworthy blockchain powered rating system for the both sides, services worldwide, free-to-use. After its run, Nocta will become the self-regulating system, without any control of the third parties. Feel free to check our whitepaper for a more detail.
  • What is the purpose of the NOCTA token?
    NOCTA is the ERC20 utility token issued for getting access to the platform additional functions. After the end of Nocta blockchain development process, NOCTA ERC20 tokens will be swapped to the platform's inner coin at the rate of 1 to 1.
  • Is there any MVP?
    Yes, we are now on alpha testing stage of the web part of the Nocta platform. Closer to the date of the public token distribution, we open the beta of it to the public.
  • How can i get NOCTA tokens?
    The date of the main token distribution is the February, 23th, at 12:00 UTC. Detailed instructions and rules will be announced closer to this date on this website and our official Telegram channel. You may participate in our bounty campaign as well.
  • I'm interested in partnership with Nocta
    Nocta is making connections with agencies, that keep an eye on technologies and ready to go in the decentralized future of leisure. We are developing incentive schemes for agencies and individual offerers. Feel free to contact us to get the most profitable offer and became the part of the new world.
  • I've read this FAQ and whitepaper, but still had some questions
    Feel free to ask
THE TEAM We clearly understand our ultimate goals to successfully launch the project. To be long-term oriented, we clearly realise the need to preserve the incognito of the team. All of us well remember inglorious story of Backpage and MyRedBook. We are not going to put false names here and upload photos of random people from the Internet, because it's just ridiculous. We are like-minded specialists. Our team well balanced with web and crypto developers, PR specialists and entertainment industry experts.
WE ARE NOCTA. we came to change the industry foreveR.
to create decentralized, safe and most convenient service for everyone.
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