how it’s made Nocta provides premium experience with its marketplace for both consumers and offerers. Everybody has his own personal cabinet. Filters allow consumers to select location, type of service, cost range, etc. You can always find what you need, read and leave feedback, use anonymous payment system. All attributes of the platform aimed to make Nocta your long-term oriented service. Nocta is making connections with agencies, that keep an eye on technologies and ready to go in decentralized future of leisure. We are developing incentive scheme for agencies and individual offerers. Feel free to contact us to get the most profitable offer ever and became the part of the new world.
WHAT IS NOCTA? Nocta is a decentralized platform for organizing high-class leisure for adults. It allows you comfortably, safely and anonymously choose and use the services from anywhere in the world. “The entertainment industry for adults is a huge global market. its capitalization various from $ to $300.000.000.000. The potential of the platform that uniteS the entire market can not be overemphasized.”
SECURITY & anonymity
Nocta will use IPFS for decentralized storage of static media content, like photo, video and sound files, and own developed platform for decentralized hosting of dynamic content and core of system itself. The encrypted content will be stored on thousands of users machines all over the world. Nodes will be the part of giant storage cloud with encrypted content, and supernodes will be proxies with the function of controling checksums, encryption\decryption of content and coordination of nodes in decentralized web. No servers - no datacenters, that can be stolen, shutted down or destroyed by unfriendly organizations. As there no servers - nothing can be hacked and DDOS will take no effect on the system due to dynamic nodes caching. Unstopable growth of system through every country and city with Internet and active users there. No admins, only users with different roles. Nodes are self setting up. Privacy and anonymity granted by hundreds and thousands nodes, where system decides where content will be stored and encrypted on the fly. Registration is free, and no consumers personal data will be requested. System will give only id, pin and password. After registration system will generate encryption key, user will have unique pin-code and its guaranted that nobody else without having simultaneously key, pin and password can get access to the system. All accounts will have «self-destruction» function, that can be enabled by user anytime.
QUALITY service
With a certain positive balance and a minimal history of using the service, consumers can leave feedback about offerers and put their rating in simple form. This increases the involvement of suppliers and improves the quality of the services. It also protects other consumers from poor-quality offerers. On the other hand, offerers are able to leave a comment about the consumer, this comment will be visible only to other suppliers upon receipt of an application from this consumer. Based on the rating and comments, offerers can approve or decline an order.
To accept the prepayment, the supplier must have a minimum sales history and positive balance exceeding the prepayment amount. During the prepayment, the customer's funds will not be transferred, but frozen on the balance to avoid shortage of services, the supplier will receive the payment only after consumer’s approval. Service provides an intelligent system of pre-moderation and ratings to exclude the possibility of fraud.

After the development of its own blockchain, the internal service will exchange the ERC20 of the token for its own coin at a rate of 1 to 1. After full exchange all received tokens will be destroyed. Thus the platform will receive the necessary funding using the most convenient tool like Bitcoin Bank and during some time will move to fully autonomous financial operations through own blockchain. Visit this website to learn more about https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-bank/ bitcoin bank erfahrung 2021 reviews shared by users.

NOCTA Token will serve to use main and various additional services — obtaining a unique code that will allow you to buy a prepaid account on the Nocta platform, pay for offerer advertising, additional content, etc.

THE TEAM We clearly understand our ultimate goals to successfully launch the project. To be long-term oriented, we clearly realise the need to preserve the incognito of the team. All of us well remember inglorious story of Backpage and MyRedBook. We are not going to put false names here and upload photos of random people from the Internet, because it's just ridiculous. We are like-minded specialists. Our team well balanced with web and crypto developers, PR specialists and entertainment industry experts.
WE ARE NOCTA. we came to change the industry foreveR.
to create decentralized, safe and most convenient service for everyone.
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